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Vol. III, issue 4 (2004)

Holomorphic extensions of formal objects
Javier Ribón
PP. 657-680
Transport equations with partially BV velocities
Nicolas Lerner
PP. 681-703
On the differential form spectrum of hyperbolic manifolds
Gilles Carron, Emmanuel Pedon
PP. 705-747
On volumes of arithmetic quotients SO(1, n)
Mikhail Belolipetsky
PP. 749-770
On the interior boundary-value problem for the stationary Povzner equation with hard and soft interactions
Vladislav A. Panferov
PP. 771-825
Free boundary problems and transonic shocks for the Euler equations in unbounded domains
Gui-Qiang Chen, Mikhail Feldman
PP. 827-869
Rectifiability and parameterization of intrinsic regular surfaces in the Heisenberg group
Bernd Kirchheim, Francesco Serra Cassano
PP. 871-896

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