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Vol. IV, issue 1 (2005)

Uniqueness and weak stability for multi-dimensional transport equations with one-sided Lipschitz coefficient
François Bouchut, François James, Simona Mancini
PP. 1-25
Sur la transformation d'Abel-Radon des courants localement résiduels
Bruno Fabre
PP. 27-57
Summability of semicontinuous super solutions to a quasilinear parabolic equation
Juha Kinnunen, Peter Lindqvist
PP. 59-78
Some relations among volume, intrinsic perimeter and one-dimensional restrictions of BV functions in Carnot groups
Francescopaolo Montefalcone
PP. 79-128
Minimal surfaces in pseudohermitian geometry
Jih-Hsin Cheng, Jenn-Fang Hwang, Andrea Malchiodi, Paul Yang
PP. 129-177
Divisibility of twisted Alexander polynomials and fibered knots
Teruaki Kitano, Takayuki Morifuji
PP. 179-186

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