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Vol. IV, issue 3 (2005)

Quaternionic maps and minimal surfaces
Jingyi Chen, Jiayu Li
PP. 375-388
The permutation group method for the dilogarithm
Georges Rhin, Carlo Viola
PP. 389-437
The recurrence dimension for piecewise monotonic maps of the interval
Franz Hofbauer
PP. 439-449
Hardy-type inequalities related to degenerate elliptic differential operators
Lorenzo D'Ambrosio
PP. 451-486
A diffused interface whose chemical potential lies in a Sobolev space
Yoshihiro Tonegawa
PP. 487-510
Continuity of solutions to a basic problem in the calculus of variations
Francis Clarke
PP. 511-530
Riesz transform on manifolds and Poincaré inequalities
Pascal Auscher, Thierry Coulhon
PP. 531-555

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