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Vol. V, issue 2 (2006)

Multivariate moment problems: Geometry and indeterminateness
Mihai Putinar, Claus Scheiderer
PP. 137-157
Non-negative curvature obstructions in cohomogeneity one and the Kervaire spheres
Karsten Grove, Luigi Verdiani, Burkhard Wilking, Wolfgang Ziller
PP. 159-170
On naturally reductive left-invariant metrics of SL (2, R)
Stefan Halverscheid, Andrea Iannuzzi
PP. 171-187
Unique continuation from Cauchy data in unknown non-smooth domains
Luca Rondi
PP. 189-218
Locating the boundary peaks of least-energy solutions to a singularly perturbed Dirichlet problem
Teresa D'Aprile, Juncheng Wei
PP. 219-259
Convexity estimates for flows by powers of the mean curvature
Felix Schulze
PP. 261-277

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