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Vol. V, issue 4 (2006)

A simple proof of the propagation of singularities for solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Yifeng Yu
PP. 439-444
Bounds for double zeta-functions
Isao Kiuchi, Yoshio Tanigawa
PP. 445-464
The Cauchy problem for hyperbolic systems with Hölder continuous coefficients with respect to the time variable
Kunihiko Kajitani, Yasuo Yuzawa
PP. 465-482
The BV-energy of maps into a manifold: relaxation and density results
Mariano Giaquinta, Domenico Mucci
PP. 483-548
Simultaneous unitarizability of SLnC-valued maps, and constant mean curvature k-noid monodromy
Wayne Rossman, Nicholas Schmitt
PP. 549-577
Dirichlet problem with Lp-boundary data in contractible domains of Carnot groups
Andrea Bonfiglioli, Ermanno Lanconelli
PP. 579-610
Doubling constant mean curvature tori in S3
Adrian Butscher, Frank Pacard
PP. 611-638
EDITORIAL NOTE Non-negative curvature obstructions in cohomogeneity one and the Kervaire spheres
Karsten Grove, Luigi Verdiani, Burkhard Wilking, Wolfgang Ziller
PP. 639-639

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