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Vol. VI, issue 1 (2007)

Hamilton-Jacobi flows and characterization of solutions of Aronsson equations
Petri Juutinen, Eero Saksman
PP. 1-13
A finiteness theorem for holomorphic Banach bundles
Jürgen Leiterer
PP. 15-37
Counting lines on surfaces
Samuel Boissière, Alessandra Sarti
PP. 39-52
Laplace type operators: Dirichlet problem
Wojciech Kozłowski
PP. 53-80
On surfaces with pg = q = 1 and non-ruled bicanonical involution
Carlos Rito
PP. 81-102
Continuity of solutions of linear, degenerate elliptic equations
Jani Onninen, Xiao Zhong
PP. 103-116
Sobolev versus Hölder local minimizers and existence of multiple solutions for a singular quasilinear equation
Jacques Giacomoni, Ian Schindler, Peter Takáč
PP. 117-158
The equation -Δu-λ(u/|x|2)=|∇ u|p+ c f(x): The Optimal Power
Boumediene Abdellaoui, Ireneo Peral
PP. 159-183
Erratum and addendum to: The BV-energy of maps into a manifold: relaxation and density results
Mariano Giaquinta, Domenico Mucci
PP. 185-194

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