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Vol. VI, issue 2 (2007)

The Calderón-Zygmund theory for elliptic problems with measure data
Giuseppe Mingione
PP. 195-261
Addendum to: On volumes of arithmetic quotients of SO (1, n)
Mikhail Belolipetsky
PP. 263-268
One-dimensional symmetry of periodic minimizers for a mean field equation
Chang-Shou Lin, Marcello Lucia
PP. 269-290
Two-scale div-curl lemma
Augusto Visintin
PP. 291-321
Holomorphic line bundles and divisors on a domain of a Stein manifold
Makoto Abe
PP. 323-330
Persistence of Coron's solution in nearly critical problems
Monica Musso, Angela Pistoia
PP. 331-357

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