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Vol. VI, issue 3 (2007)

Quasi-lines and their degenerations
Laurent Bonavero, Andreas Höring
PP. 359-383
A regularity theory for scalar local minimizers of splitting-type variational integrals
Michael Bildhauer, Martin Fuchs, Xiao Zhong
PP. 385-404
Combinatorial mapping-torus, branched surfaces and free group automorphisms
François Gautero
PP. 405-440
On the Hessian of the optimal transport potential
Stefán Ingi Valdimarsson
PP. 441-456
Equations in the Hadamard ring of rational functions
Andrea Ferretti, Umberto Zannier
PP. 457-475
Extensions of the Cugiani-Mahler theorem
Yann Bugeaud
PP. 477-498

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