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Vol. VII, issue 1 (2008)

Convex integration and the Lp theory of elliptic equations
Kari Astala, Daniel Faraco, László Székelyhidi Jr.
PP. 1-50
Intersecting a plane with algebraic subgroups of multiplicative groups
Enrico Bombieri, David Masser, Umberto Zannier
PP. 51-80
A priori estimates for weak solutions of complex Monge-Ampère equations
Slimane Benelkourchi, Vincent Guedj, Ahmed Zeriahi
PP. 81-96
A metric approach to a class of doubly nonlinear evolution equations and applications
Riccarda Rossi, Alexander Mielke, Giuseppe Savaré
PP. 97-169
On the existence of steady-state solutions to the Navier-Stokes system for large fluxes
Antonio Russo, Giulio Starita
PP. 171-180

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