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Vol. VIII, issue 1 (2009)

On normal and non-normal holomorphic functions on complex Banach manifolds
Peter V. Dovbush
PP. 1-15
A family of adapted complexifications for SL2(R)
Stefan Halverscheid, Andrea Iannuzzi
PP. 17-49
Stability estimates for certain Faber-Krahn,isocapacitary and Cheeger inequalities
Nicola Fusco, Francesco Maggi, Aldo Pratelli
PP. 51-71
On the set of complex points of a 2-sphere
Nikolay Shcherbina
PP. 73-87
Teichmüller space via Kuranishi families
Enrico Arbarello, Maurizio Cornalba
PP. 89-116
Periodic solutions of forced Kirchhoff equations
Pietro Baldi
PP. 117-141
On the second boundary value problem for Monge-Ampère type equations and optimal transportation
Neil S. Trudinger, Xu-Jia Wang
PP. 143-174
A nonhomogenizable linear transport equation in R2
Roberto Peirone
PP. 175-206
Erratum to: Persistence of Coron’s solution in nearly critical problems
Monica Musso, Angela Pistoia
PP. 207-209

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