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Vol. VIII, issue 2 (2009)

Equiconvergence theorems for Chébli-Trimèche hypergroups
Luca Brandolini, Giacomo Gigante
PP. 211-265
Transcendental manifolds in real projective space and Stiefel-Whitney classes
Wojciech Kucharz, Joost van Hamel
PP. 267-277
Isoperimetric inequalities & volume comparison theorems on CR manifolds
Sagun Chanillo, Paul C. Yang
PP. 279-307
On the boundedness of discrete Wolff potentials
Carme Cascante, Joaquin M. Ortega
PP. 309-331
Approximation of complex algebraic numbers by algebraic numbers of bounded degree
Yann Bugeaud, Jan-Hendrik Evertse
PP. 333-368
Algebraic Morava K-theory spectra over perfect fields
Simone Borghesi
PP. 369-390
Convex isoperimetric sets in the Heisenberg group
Roberto Monti, Matthieu Rickly
PP. 391-415

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