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Vol. VIII, issue 4 (2009)

Derivative loss for Kirchhoff equations with non-Lipschitz nonlinear term
Ghisi Marina, Gobbino Massimo
PP. 613-646
Slopes of trigonal fibred surfaces and of higher dimensional fibrations
Barja Miguel A., Stoppino Lidia
PP. 647-658
Uniqueness of Invariant Lagrangian Graphs in a Homology or a Cohomology Class
Fathi Albert, Giuliani Alessandro, Sorrentino Alfonso
PP. 659-680
The Conjugate Linearized Ricci Flow on Closed 3-Manifolds
Carfora Mauro
PP. 681-724
Lp boundedness of Riesz transform related to Schroedinger operators on a manifold
Badr Nadine, Ben Ali Besma
PP. 725-765
Degenerate Elliptic Equations with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions and Measures Data
Andreu Fuensanta, Igbida Noureddine, Mazón José M., Toledo Julián
PP. 767-803
The Open Mapping Theorem for Regular Quaternionic Functions
Gentili Graziano, Stoppato Caterina
PP. 805-815

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