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Vol. IX, issue 4 (2010)

Duality of multiparameter Hardy spaces Hp on spaces of homogeneous type
Yongsheng Han, Ji Li and Guozhen Lu
PP. 645-685
Characterizations of intrinsic rectifiability in Heisenberg groups
Pertti Mattila, Raul Serapioni, Francesco Serra Cassano
PP. 687-723
Reconstruction of an unknown inclusion by thermography
Victor Isakov, Kyoungsun Kim, Gen Nakamura
PP. 725-758
Extremal discs in almost complex spaces
Hervé Gaussier, Jae-Cheon Joo
PP. 759-783
Integral pinching results for manifolds with boundary
Giovanni Catino, Cheikh Birahim Ndiaye
PP. 785-813
Orders of CM elliptic curves modulo p with at most two primes
Henryk Iwaniec, Jorge Jiménez Urroz
PP. 815-832
Some Siegel threefolds with a Calabi-Yau model
Eberhard Freitag, Riccardo Salvati Manni
PP. 833-850
Compact moduli for certain Kodaira fibrations
Soenke Rollenske
PP. 851-874

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