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Vol. X, issue 2 (2011)

Finite Galois covers, cohomology jump loci, formality properties, and multinets
Alexandru Dimca, Stefan Papadima
PP. 253-268
BV solutions of rate independent variational inequalities
Vincenzo Recupero
PP. 269-315
Self-similar solutions of fully nonlinear curvature flows
James A. McCoy
PP. 317-333
Nonlinear potentials, local solutions to elliptic equations and rearrangements
Andrea Cianchi
PP. 335-361
Plane Curves as Pfaffians
Anita Buckley, Tomaž Košir
PP. 363-388
Regularization of almost complex structures and gluing holomorphic discs to tori
Alexandre Sukhov, Alexander Tumanov
PP. 389-411
Rational singularities and quotients by holomorphic group actions
Daniel Greb
PP. 413-426
Maximizers for the Strichartz norm for small solutions of mass-critical NLS
Thomas Duyckaerts, Frank Merle, Svetlana Roudenko
PP. 427-476
Lp-Boundedness of Bergman projections in tube domains over homogeneous cones
Cyrille Nana, Bartosz Trojan
PP. 477-511

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