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Vol. X, issue 3 (2011)

Quantitative uniqueness for the power of Laplacian with singular coefficients
Ching-Lung Lin, Sei Nagayasu, Jenn-Nan Wang
PP. 513-531
Sharp ill-posedness and well-posedness results for the KdV-Burgers equation: the real line case
Luc Molinet, St├ęphane Vento
PP. 531-560
Regularity of the singular set for Mumford-Shah minimizers in R3 near a minimal cone
Antoine Lemenant
PP. 561-609
Homogenization of processes in nonlinear visco-elastic composites
Augusto Visintin
PP. 611-644
Regularity estimates for a class of degenerate elliptic equations
Qiaozhen Song, Ying Lu, Jianzhong Shen, Lihe Wang
PP. 645-667
Harmonic mappings and distance function
David Kalaj
PP. 669-681
Markov uniqueness of degenerate elliptic operators
Deerk W. Robinson, Adam Sikora
PP. 683-710
Sharp Liouville results for fully nonlinear equations with power-growth nonlinearities
Scott N. Armstrong, Boyan Sirakov
PP. 711-728
Multiple Constant Sign and Nodal Solutions for Nonlinear Neumann Eigenvalue Problems
Dumitru Motreanu, Viorica V.Motreanu, Nikolaos S.Papageorgiou
PP. 729-755

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