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Vol. XI, issue 2 (2012)

On the definition and properties of $p$-harmonious functions
Juan J. Manfredi, Mikko Parviainen, Julio D. Rossi
PP. 215-241
Varieties with $q(X)=\dim(X)$ and $P_2(X)=2$
Zhi Jiang
PP. 243-258
Metric currents, differentiable structures, and Carnot groups
Marshall Williams
PP. 259-302
Elliptic operators with unbounded diffusion coefficients in $L^p$ spaces
Giorgio Metafune, Chiara Spina
PP. 303-340
Two-sided weighted Fourier inequalities
Elijah Liflyand, Sergey Tikhonov
PP. 341-362
Uniqueness of a quasivariational sweeping process on functions of bounded variation
Thomas Roche
PP. 363-394
Twisted Alexander polynomials for SL(2;C)-irreducible representations of torus knots
Teruaki Kitano, Takayuki Morifuji
PP. 395-406
Ambient metrics with exceptional holonomy
Thomas Leistner, Pawel Nurowski
PP. 407-436
Non-divergence form parabolic equations associated with non-commuting vector fields: boundary behavior of nonnegative solutions
Marie Frentz, Nicola Garofalo, Elin Götmark, Isidro Munive, Kaj Nyström
PP. 437-474

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