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Vol. XI, issue 3 (2012)

Abstract framework for John-Nirenberg inequalities and applications to Hardy spaces
Frédéric Bernicot, Jiman Zhao
PP. 475-501
Cauchy problem and quasi-stationary limit for the Maxwell-Landau-Lifschitz and Maxwell-Bloch equations
Eric Dumas, Franck Sueur
PP. 503-543
Nonuniformly hyperbolic cocycles: admissibility and robustness
Luis Barreira, Claudia Valls
PP. 545-564
On fundamental groups related to degeneratable surfaces: conjectures and examples
Michael Friedman, Mina Teicher
PP. 565-603
Closed surfaces with bounds on their Willmore energy
Ernst Kuwert, Reiner Schätzle
PP. 605-634
The optimal constant in the L2 Folland-Stein inequality on the quaternionic Heisenberg group
Stefan Ivanov, Ivan Minchev, Dimiter Vassilev
PP. 635-662
CMC hypersurfaces condensing to Geodesic segments and rays in Riemannian manifolds
Adrian Butscher, Rafe Mazzeo
PP. 653-706
Well-posedness and global existence for the Novikov equation
Xinglong Wu, Zhaoyang Yin
PP. 707-727

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