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Vol. XII, issue 3 (2013)

Einstein-like geometric structures on surfaces
Daniel J. Fox
PP. 499-585
On plane rational curves and the splitting of the tangent bundle
Alessandro Gimigliano, Brian Harbourne, Monica Idà
PP. 587-621
Saddle-shaped solutions of bistable elliptic equations involving the half-Laplacian
Eleonora Cinti
PP. 623-665
Compact sets with vanishing cohomology in Stein spaces and domains of holomorphy
Viorel Vâjâitu
PP. 665-685
Torsion points on elliptic curves in Weierstrass form
Philipp Habegger
PP. 687-715
Systems of symplectic forms on four-manifolds
Simon G. Chiossi, Paul-Andi Nagy
PP. 717-734
On the genus of curves in a Jacobian variety
Valeria Ornella Marcucci
PP. 735-754

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