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Vol. XII, issue 4 (2013)

Gradient regularity for nonlinear parabolic equations
Tuomo Kuusi, Giuseppe Mingione
PP. 755-822
Quasiminimizing properties of solutions to Riccati type equations
Olli Martio
PP. 823-832
Reduction of critical mass in a chemotaxis system by external application of chemoattractant
J. Ignacio Tello, Michael Winkler
PP. 833-862
Structure of level sets and Sard-type properties of Lipschitz maps
Giovanni Alberti, Stefano Bianchini, Gianluca Crippa
PP. 863-902
A weak Harnack inequality for fractional evolution equations with discontinuous coefficients
Rico Zacher
PP. 903-940
Perfect powers with few binary digits and related Diophantine problems
Michael A. Bennett, Yann Bugeaud, Maurice Mignotte
PP. 941-953
On the existence of steady periodic capillary-gravity stratified water waves
David Henry, Bogan-Vasile Matioc
PP. 955-974
Stationary disks and Green functions in almost complex domains
Giorgio Patrizio, Andrea Spiro
PP. 975-1000
Higher order Glaeser inequalities and optimal regularity of roots of real functions
Marina Ghisi, Massimo Gobbino
PP. 1001-1022

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