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Vol. XIII, issue 3 (2014)

The corona theorem for weighted Hardy and Morrey spaces
Carme Cascante, Joan Fabrega, Joaquin M. Ortega
PP. 579-607
Bootstrap regularity for integro-differential operators and its application to nonlocal minimal surfaces
Begona Barrios Barrera, Alessio Figalli, Enrico Valdinoci
PP. 609-639
Symmetries of F-manifolds with eventual identities and special families of connections
Liana David, Ian A. B. Strachan
PP. 641-674
Characterizations of differentiability for h-convex functions in stratified groups
Valentino Magnani, Matteo Scienza
PP. 675-697
Bubbling solutions for an elliptic equation with exponential Neumann data in R^2
Shengbing Deng, Monica Musso
PP. 699-744
Normal forms of Levi-flat hypersurfaces with Arnold type singularities
Arturo Fernandez-Pérez
PP. 745-774
L^p estimates for the wave equation associated to the Grushin operator
Kaur Jotsaroop, Sundaram Thangavelu
PP. 775-794
Stratified bundles and étale fundamental group
Hélène Esnault, Xiaotao Sun
PP. 795-812
On the definition and examples of Finsler metrics
Miguel Angel Javaloyes, Miguel Sanchez
PP. 813-858
Vanishing of special values and central derivatives in Hida families
Matteo Longo, Stefano Vigni
PP. 859-888

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