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Vol. XIV, issue 2 (2015)

The deformation theory of sheaves of commutative rings II
Jonathan Wise
PP. 339-359
Some remarks on Thom's transversality theorem
Patrick Bernard, Vito Mandorino
PP. 361-386
Maximum principle and symmetry for minimal hypersurfaces in H^nxR
Barbara Nelli, Ricardo Sa Earp, Eric Toubiana
PP. 387-400
On two finiteness conditions for Hopf algebras with nonzero integral
Nicolás Andruskiewitsch, Juan Cuadra, Pavel Etingof
PP. 401-440
Twists, Euler products and a converse theorem for L-functions of degree 2
Jerzy Kaczorowski, Alberto Perelli
PP. 441-480
Convergence of flux limited porous media diffusion equations to its classical counterpart
Vicent Caselles
PP. 481-505
Degree growth of birational maps of the plane
Jérémy Blanc, Julie Déserti
PP. 507-533
Generalized stochastic flow associated to the Itô SDE with partially Sobolev coefficients and its application
Dejun Luo
PP. 535-573
Blow up for the critical gKdV equation III: exotic regimes
Yvan Martel, Frank Merle, Pierre Raphaël
PP. 575-631
Bilipschitz Embedding of Grushin Plane in R^3
Jang-Mei Wu
PP. 633-644
Deformations of constant mean curvature surfaces preserving symmetries and the Hopf differential
David Brander, Josef F. Dorfmeister
PP. 645-675

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