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Vol. XIV, issue 3 (2015)

$\mathcal{C}^{\infty}$-hypoellipticity and extension of CR functions
Mauro Nacinovich, Egmont Porten
PP. 677-703
On Harnack inequalities and optimal transportation
Dominique Bakry, Ivan Gentil, Michel Ledoux
PP. 705-727
Vortex dynamics for the two dimensional non homogeneous Gross-Pitaevskii equation
Robert L. Jerrard, Didier Smets
PP. 729-766
Rigidity and regularity of co-dimension one Sobolev isometric immersions
Zhuomin Liu, Mohammad Reza Pakzad
PP. 767-817
Subcritical approximation of a Yamabe type non local equation: a Gamma-convergence approach
Giampiero Palatucci, Adriano Pisante, Yannick Sire
PP. 819-840
Weak normality of families of meromorphic mappings and bubbling in higher dimensions
Sergei Ivashkovich, Fethi Neji
PP. 841-880
On the class of caustics by reflection of planar curves
Alfrederic Josse, Françoise Pène
PP. 881-906
BV minimizers of the area functional in the Heisenberg group under the bounded slope condition
Andrea Pinamonti, Francesco Serra Cassano, Giulia Treu, Davide Vittone
PP. 907-935
A perturbation result for the Riesz transform
Baptiste Devyver
PP. 937-964
Heights of points with bounded ramification
Lukas Pottmeyer
PP. 965-981
An analytic approach to infinite-dimensional continuity and Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equations
Vladimir I. Bogachev, Giuseppe Da Prato, Michael Roeckner, Stanislav V. Shaposhnikov
PP. 983-1023

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