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Vol. XIV, issue 4 (2015)

Symmetrization of Poisson's equation with Neumann boundary conditions
Jeffrey J. Langford
PP. 1025-1063
Control theorems for $\ell$-adic Lie extensions of global function fields
Andrea Bandini, Maria Valentino
PP. 1065-1092
Ricci surfaces
Andrei Moroianu, Sergiu Moroianu
PP. 1093-1118
Interior partial regularity for minimal $L^p$-vector fields with integer fluxes
Mircea Petrache
PP. 1119-1156
Harmonic Bergman spaces, the Poisson equation and the dual of Hardy-type spaces on certain noncompact manifolds
Giancarlo Mauceri, Stefano Meda, Maria Vallarino
PP. 1157-1188
Higher K-theory of toric stacks
Roy Joshua, Amalendu Krishna
PP. 1189-1229
A Bernstein-type result for the minimal surface equation
Alberto Farina
PP. 1231-1237
Multiple valued functions and integral currents
Camillo De Lellis, Emanuele Spadaro
PP. 1239-1269
Borromean surgery equivalence of spin 3-manifolds with boundary
Eva Contreras, Kazuo Habiro
PP. 1271-1282
$W^{2,1}$ estimate for singular solutions to the Monge-Ampère equation
Connor Mooney
PP. 1283-1303
What does a rate in a mean ergodic theorem imply?
Alexander Gomilko, Yuri Tomilov
PP. 1305-1336
Complex geodesics in convex tube domains
Sylwester Zajac
PP. 1337-1361

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