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Vol. XV (special volume) (2016)

Multiple zeta values, Padé approximation and Vasilyev's conjecture
Stéphane Fischler, Tanguy Rivoal
PP. 1-24
A criterion for good reduction of Drinfeld modules and Anderson motives in terms of local shtukas
Urs Hartl, Simon Hüsken
PP. 25-43
Failure of the local-to-global property for CD(K,N) spaces
Tapio Rajala
PP. 45-68
On the Hilbert function of lines union one non-reduced point
Enrico Carlini, Maria Virginia Catalisano, Anthony V. Geramita
PP. 69-84
Bubble tower solutions for supercritical elliptic problem in R^N
Wenjing Chen, Juan Davila, Ignacio Guerra
PP. 85-116
Motion by curvature of planar networks II
Annibale Magni, Carlo Mantegazza, Matteo Novaga
PP. 117-144
Condensation phenomena in nonlinear drift equations
José A. Carrillo, Marco Di Francesco, Giuseppe Toscani
PP. 145-171
A generalization of the Castelnuovo-de Franchis inequality
Victor Gonzalez-Alonso
PP. 173-182
Lie Algebra generated by locally nilpotent derivations on Danielewski surfaces
Frank Kutzschebauch, Matthias Leuenberger
PP. 183-207
Sobolev extension property for tree-shaped domains with self-contacting fractal boundary
Thibaut Deheuvels
PP. 209-247
Pencil type line arrangements of low degree: classification and monodromy
Alexandru Dimca, Denis Ibadula, Daniela Anca Macinic
PP. 249-267
Bergman-harmonic maps of balls
Elisabetta Barletta, Sorin Dragomir
PP. 269-307
Allen-Cahn approximation of mean curvature flow in Riemannian manifolds I, uniform estimates
Adriano Pisante, Fabio Punzo
PP. 309-341
Obstructions to finite dimensional cohomology of abstract Cauchy-Riemann complexes
Judith Brinkschulte, Denson Hill
PP. 343-354
Schanuel's theorem for heights defined via extension fields
Christopher Frei, Martin Widmer
PP. 355-398
Boundary asymptotic expansions of analytic self-mappings of the unit disk
Vladimir Bolotnikov, Mark Elin, David Shoikhet
PP. 399-433
General optimal L^p-Nash inequalities on Riemannian manifolds
Jurandir Ceccon
PP. 435-457
Improved Hausdorff dimension estimate for vertical projections in the Heisenberg group
Katrin Faessler, Risto Hovila
PP. 459-483
Asymptotics and regularity of flat solutions to fully nonlinear elliptic problems
Disson dos Prazeres, Eduardo V. Teixeira
PP. 485-500
Boundary trace of positive solutions of supercritical semilinear elliptic equations in dihedral domains
Moshe Marcus, Laurent Véron
PP. 501-542
Two-sided non-collapsing curvature flows
Ben Andrews, Mat Langford
PP. 543-560
Young measure approach to the weak convergence theory in the Calculus of Variations and strong materials
Mikhail A. Sychev, N. N. Sycheva
PP. 561-598
On a conjecture of G. Rémond
Francesco Amoroso
PP. 599-608
Geometric elliptic functionals and mean curvature
Luis J. Alías, Jorge H. S. de Lira, Marco Rigoli
PP. 609-655
Finite groups with many metacyclic subgroups
Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches, John Cossey
PP. 657-662
Reeb dynamics detects odd balls
Hansjörg Geiges, Kai Zehmisch
PP. 663-681
The $L^2$-Alexander invariant detects the unknot
Fathi Ben Aribi
PP. 683-708
A closer look at mirrors and quotients of Calabi-Yau threefolds
Gilberto Bini, Filippo F. Favale
PP. 709-729
Solutions of the focusing nonradial critical wave equation with the compactness property
Thomas Duyckaerts, Carlos Kenig, Frank Merle
PP. 731-808
Asymptotic behavior and rigidity results for symmetric solutions of the elliptic system Δu = W_u(u)
Nicholas D. Alikakos, Giorgio Fusco
PP. 809-836
On a singular perturbed problem in an annulus
Sanjiban Santra, Juncheng Wei
PP. 837-857
Infinitely many sign-changing and semi-nodal solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger system
Zhijie Chen, Chang-Shou Lin, Wenming Zou
PP. 859-897

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