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Vol. XVI, issue 1 (2016)

The Geometry of Grassmannian manifolds and Bernstein type theorems for higher codimension
Jürgen Jost, Yuanlong L. Xin and Ling Yang
PP. 1-39
Differentiable structures on metric spaces: A Primer
Bruce Kleiner, John M. Mackay
PP. 41-64
Extensors and the Hilbert scheme
Jerome Brachat, Paolo Lella, Bernard Mourrain, Margherita Roggero
PP. 65-96
Intrinsic colocal weak derivatives and Sobolev spaces between manifolds
Alexandra Convent, Jean Van Schaftingen
PP. 97-128
Optimal Liouville theorems for supersolutions of elliptic equations with the Laplacian
Salomón Alarcón, Jorge García-Melián, Alexander Quaas
PP. 129-158
Extremal holomorphic maps in special classes of domains
Łukasz Kosiński, Włodzimiers Zwonek
PP. 159-182
Almost strictly pseudo-convex domains. Examples and applications
Eric Amar
PP. 183-276
Prohibiting isolated singularities in optimal transport
Young-Heon Kim, Jun Kitagawa
PP. 277-290
Almost-periodic solutions to an initial boundary value problem for model equations of resistive drift wave turbulence
Shintaro Kondo, Atusi Tani
PP. 291-333

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