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Vol. XVI, issue 2 (2016)

Smoothing discrete Morse theory
Bruno Benedetti
PP. 335-368
Hölder regularity of generic manifold
Azimbay Sadullaev, Ahmed Zeriahi
PP. 369-382
Lorentzian area measures and the Christoffel problem
François Fillastre, Giona Veronelli
PP. 383-467
A metric characterization of snowflakes of Euclidean spaces
Kyle Kinneberg, Enrico Le Donne
PP. 469-480
Regularity of roots of polynomials
Adam Parusiński, Armin Rainer
PP. 481-517
Orbifold thechniques in degeneration formulas
Dan Abramovich, Barbara Fantechi
PP. 519-579
Schrödinger type operators with unbounded diffusion and potential terms
Anna Canale, Abdelaziz Rhandi, Cristian Tacelli
PP. 581-601
Multiple positive solutions for a type of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Wei Long, Shuangjie Peng
PP. 603-623
Intrinsic torsion in quaternionic contact geometry
Diego Conti
PP. 625-674
Pointwise estimates and existence of solutions of porous medium and p-Laplace evolution equations with absorption and measure data
Marie-Françoise Bidaut-Véron, Quoc-Hung Nguyen
PP. 675-705

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