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Vol. XVII, issue 1 (2017)

Failure of the chain rule for the divergence of bounded vector fields
Gianluca Crippa, Nikolay Gusev, Stefano Spirito, Emil Wiedemann
PP. 1-18
Deformations and moduli of structures on manifolds: general existence theorem and application to the Sasakian case
Laurent Meersseman, Marcel Nicolau
PP. 19-63
Hölder estimates for parabolic operators on domains with rough boundary
Karoline Disser, A.F.M. ter Elst, Joachim Rehberg
PP. 65-79
Lipschitz contact equivalence of function germs in R^2
Lev Birbrair, Alexandre Fernandes, Vincent Grandjean, Andrei Gabrielov
PP. 81-92
Hartogs-type extension for unbounded sets in C^2 via construction of Riemann domains
Al Boggess, Roman J. Dwilewicz, Zbigniew Slodkowski
PP. 93-111
Ergodic theorems in quantum probability: an application to the monotone stochastic processes
Vitonofrio Crismale, Francesco Fidaleo, Yun Gang Lu
PP. 113-141
Homotopy groups of free group character varieties
Carlos Florentino, Sean Lawton, Daniel Ramras
PP. 143-185
On a dynamical version of a theorem of Rosenlicht
Jason Bell, Dragos Ghioca, Zinovy Reichstein
PP. 187-204
Certain sets over function fields are polynomial families
Nguyen Ngoc Dong Quan
PP. 205-230
A special point problem of André-Pink-Zannier in the universal family of abelian varieties
Ziyang Gao
PP. 231-266
Dehn surgery and Seifert surface systems
Makoto Ozawa, Koya Shimokawa
PP. 267-276
Prime decomposition for the index of a Brauer class
Benjamin Antieau, Ben Williams
PP. 277-285
Equilibria of point-vortices on closed surfaces
Teresa D'Aprile, Pierpaolo Esposito
PP. 287-321
Renormalized volume on the Teichmueller space of punctured surfaces
Colin Guillarmou, Sergiu Moroianu, Frédéric Rochon
PP. 323-384
Characterizations of signed measures in the dual of BV and related isometric isomorphisms
Nguyen Cong Phuc, Monica Torres
PP. 385-417

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