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Vol. XVII, issue 2 (2017)

Points in the fppf topology
Stefan Schröer
PP. 419-447
Birch's theorem with shifts
Sam Chow
PP. 449-483
Asymptotic estimates and compactness of expanding gradient Ricci solitons
Alix Deruelle
PP. 485-530
Comparing A^1-h-cobordism and A^1-weak equivalence
Aravind Asok, Stefan Kebekus, Matthias Wendt
PP. 531-572
Fano manifolds whose elementary contractions are smooth P^1-fibrations: a geometric characterization of flag varieties
Gianluca Occhetta, Luis E. Solá Conde, Kiwamu Watanabe, Jarosław A. Wiśniewski
PP. 573-607
Cohomology and Coquasi-bialgebras in the category of Yetter-Drinfeld modules
Iván Angiono, Alessandro Ardizzoni, Claudia Menini
PP. 609-653
Frequence of Sobolev dimension distortion of horizontal subgroups in Heisenberg groups
Zoltán Balogh, Jeremy T. Tyson, Kevin Wildrick
PP. 655-683
A new approach to the $L^p$-theory of $-\Delta + b \cdot \nabla$, and its applications to Feller processes with general drifts
Damir Kinzebulatov
PP. 685-711
Homotopy classification of ribbon tubes and welded string links
Benjamin Audoux, Paolo Bellingeri, Jean-Baptiste Meilhan, Emmanuel Wagner
PP. 713-761
Geometric singularities and a flow tangent to the Ricci flow
Lashi Bandara, Sajjad Lakzian, Michael Munn
PP. 763-804
The rational sectional category of certain maps
José Gabriel Carrasquel-Vera
PP. 805-813
Errata corrige. Invertible harmonic mappings, beyond Kneser
Giovanni Alessandrini, Vincenzo Nesi
PP. 815-818

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