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Vol. XVII, issue 4 (2017)

Monotonicity in half-spaces of positive solutions to -\Delta_p u = f(u) in the case p > 2
Alberto Farina, Luigi Montoro, Bernardino Sciunzi
PP. 1207-1229
Classification of Kaehler homogeneous manifolds of non-compact dimension two
Ru Ahmadi, Bruce Gilligan
PP. 1231-1254
Volume and self-intersection of differences of two nef classes
Dan Popovici
PP. 1255-1299
A problem about Mahler functions
Boris Adamczewski, Jason P. Bell
PP. 1301-1355
Multiplicative relations among singular moduli
Jonathan Pila, Jacob Tsimerman
PP. 1357-1382
Divisorial Zariski decomposition and some properties of full mass currents
Eleonora Di Nezza, Enrica Floris, Stefano Trapani
PP. 1383-1396
On the Kodaira-Spencer map of abelian schemes
Yves André
PP. 1397-1416
Polynomial semiconjugacies, decompositions of iterations, and invariant curves
Fedor Pakovich
PP. 1417-1446
Uniqueness of entire functions sharing a small function with linear differential polynomials
Indrajit Lahiri, Shubhashish Das
PP. 1447-1459
Twisted cohomology of arrangements of lines and Milnor fibers
Mario Salvetti, Matteo Serventi
PP. 1461-1489
Lipschitz changes of variables between perturbations of log-concave measures
Maria Colombo, Alessio Figalli, Yash Jhaveri
PP. 1491-1519
A moving lemma for cycles with very ample modulus
Amalendu Krishna, Jinhyun Park
PP. 1521-1549

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