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Vol. XVIII, issue 3 (2018)

Symplectic Wick rotations between moduli spaces of 3-manifolds
Carlos Scarinci, Jean-Marc Schlenker
PP. 781-829
Hyperbolic polygons of minimal perimeter in punctured discs
Joan Porti
PP. 831-844
Equivalence between dimensional contractions in Wasserstein distance and the curvature-dimension condition
François Bolley, Ivan Gentil, Arnaud Guillin, Kazumasa Kuwada
PP. 845-880
Global Marcinkiewicz estimates for nonlinear parabolic equations with nonsmooth coefficients
The Anh Bui, Xuan Thinh Duong
PP. 881-916
A Hardy type inequality on fractional order Sobolev spaces on the Heisenberg group
Adimurthi Mallick, Arka Mallick
PP. 917-949
A Γ-convergence approach to large deviations
Mauro Mariani
PP. 951-976
On the structure of affine flat group schemes over discrete valuation rings
Nguyen Dai Duong, Phung Ho Hai, João Pedro P. Dos Santos
PP. 977-1032
Generalized stochastic Lagrangian paths for the Navier-Stokes equation
Marc Arnaudon, Ana Bela Cruzeiro, Shizan Fang
PP. 1033-1060
Gevrey regularity and analyticity for Camassa-Holm type systems
Wei Luo, Zhaoyang Yin
PP. 1061-1079
Differentiability properties of Riesz potentials of finite measures and non-doubling Calderón--Zygmund Theory
Julià Cufí, Joan Verdera
PP. 1081-1123
Comparison of the real and the complex Green functions, and sharp estimates of the Kobayashi distance
Nikolai Nikolov, Pascal J. Thomas
PP. 1125-1143
Unknotting submanifolds of the 3-sphere by twistings
Makoto Ozawa
PP. 1145-1153
Stability of sin-cones and cosh-cylinders
Klaus Kröncke
PP. 1155-1187

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