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Vol. XVIII, issue 4 (2018)

The Dirichlet problem for a complex Hessian equation on compact Hermitian manifolds with boundary
Dongwei Gu, Ngoc Cuong Nguyen
PP. 1189-1248
The rectified n-harmonic map flow with applications to homotopy classes
Min-Chun Hong
PP. 1249-1283
Bernstein results for symmetric minimal surfaces of controlled growth
Ulrich Dierkes, Tobias Tennstädt
PP. 1285-1309
Automorphisms of surfaces of general type with q=1 acting trivially in cohomology
Jin-Xing Cai, Wenfei Liu
PP. 1311-1348
Nori's fundamental group over a non-algebraically closed field
Lei Zhang
PP. 1349-1394
Definition, existence, stability and uniqueness of the solution to a semilinear elliptic problem with a strong singularity at u = 0
Daniela Giachetti, Pedro J. Martínez-Aparicio, François Murat
PP. 1395-1442
Positive Sparse Domination of Variational Carleson Operators
Francesco Di Plinio, Yen Q. Do, Gennady N. Uraltsev
PP. 1443-1458
Uniqueness for the two dimensional Calderon's problem with unbounded conductivites
Cătălin I. Cârstea and Jenn-Nan Wang
PP. 1459-1482
On Lang's conjecture for some product-quotient surfaces
Julien Grivaux, Juliana Restrepo Velasquez, Erwan Rousseau
PP. 1483-1501
Morrey potentials from Campanato classes
Liguang Liu, Jie Xiao
PP. 1503-1517
The eigenvalue problem for the Monge-Ampère operator on general bounded convex domains
Nam Q. Le
PP. 1519-1559

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