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Vol. XIX, issue 1 (2019)

Non-secant defectivity via osculating projections
Alex Massarenti, Rick Rischter
PP. 1-34
On a singular Liouville-type equation and the Alexandrov isoperimetric inequlity
Daniele Bartolucci, Daniele Castorina
PP. 35-64
A new type of non-topological bubbling solutions to a competitive Chern-Simons model
Zhijie Chen, Chang-Shou Lin
PP. 65-108
A land of monotone plenty
Mathias Beiglböck, Claus Griessler
PP. 109-127
Euler characteristics and $q$-difference equations
Julien Roques, Jacques Sauloy
PP. 129-154
On Hurwitz--Severi numbers
Yuri Burman, Boris Shapiro
PP. 155-167
A_1 theory of weights for rough homogeneous singular integrals and commutators
Carlos Pérez, Israel P. Rivera-Ríos, Luz Roncal
PP. 169-190
On the boundedness of slc surfaces of general type
Christopher D. Hacon, Sándor J. Kovács
PP. 191-215
Weakly hyperbolic systems by symmetrization
Ferruccio Colombini, Tatsuo Nishitani, Jeffrey Rauch
PP. 217-251
Harnack inequality for kinetic Fokker-Planck equations with rough coefficients and application to the Landau equation
François Golse, Cyril Imbert, Alexis Vasseur
PP. 253-295
Formality of 7-dimensional 3-Sasakian manifolds
Marisa Fernández, Stefan Ivanov, Vicente Muñoz
PP. 297-309
A transcendental approach to injectivity theorem for log canonical pairs
Shin-ichi Matsumura
PP. 311-334
On Seshadri constants of varieties with large fundamental group
Gabriele Di Cerbo, Luca Di Cerbo
PP. 335-344
Smooth double covers of K3 surfaces
Alice Garbagnati
PP. 345-386

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