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Vol. XIX, issue 2 (2019)

On existence and uniqueness for non-autonomous parabolic Cauchy problems with rough coefficients
Pascal Auscher, Sylvie Monniaux, Pierre Portal
PP. 387-471
An elliptic equation with indefinite nonlinearities and exponential critical growth in R2
Everaldo S. Medeiros, Uberlandio B. Severo, Elves A. B. Silva
PP. 473-507
Unbounded convex polyhedra as polynomial images of Euclidean spaces
José F. Fernando, J. M. Gamboa, Carlos Ueno
PP. 509-565
On singular Fano varieties with a divisor of Picard number one
Pedro Montero
PP. 567-600
Elliptic and parabolic problems for a class of operators with discontinuous coecients
Giorgio Metafune, Motohiro Sobajima, Chiara Spina
PP. 601-654
A characterisation of isometries with respect to the Lévy-Prokhorov metric
György Pál Gehér, Tamás Titkos
PP. 655-677
Waek type (1,1) estimates for inverses of discrete rough singular integral operators
Maciej Paluszynski, Jacek Zienkiewicz
PP. 679-704
A generalisation of Kani-Rosen decomposition theorem for Jacobian varieties
Sebastián Reyes-Carocca, Rubí E. Rodríguez
PP. 705-722
Rectifiability of planes and Alberti representations
Guy C. David, Bruce Kleiner
PP. 723-756
Central limit theorem for probability measures defined by sum-of-digits function in base 2
Jordan Emme, Pascal Hubert
PP. 757-780
Parabolic obstacle problems. Quasi-convexity and regularity
Ioannis Athanasopoulos, Luis Caffarelli, Emmanouil Milakis
PP. 781-825

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