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Vol. XIX, issue 3 (2019)

Nef partitions for codimension 2 weighted complete intersections
Victor Przyjalkowski, Constantin Shramov
PP. 827-845
Nonlinear CR automorphisms of Levi degenerate hypersurfaces and a new gap phenomenon
Martin Kolar, Francine Meylan
PP. 847-868
The homotopy sequence for regular singular stratified bundles
Giulia Battiston, Lars Kindler
PP. 869-888
Primitive equations with linearly growing initial data
Amru Hussein, Martin Saal, Okihiro Sawada
PP. 889-911
Singular p-Laplacian parabolic system in exterior domains: higher regularity of solutions and related properties of extinction and asymptotic behavior in time
Francesca Crispo, Carlo Romano Grisanti, Paolo Maremonti
PP. 913-949
Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds Groups are Subgroup Conjugacy Separable
Sheila C. Chagas, Pavel A. Zalesskii
PP. 951-963
Stability of coisotropic fibrations on holomorphic symplectic manifolds
Christian Lehn, Gianluca Pacienza
PP. 965-980
Exceptional Zeros of L-series and Bernoulli- Carlitz Numbers
Bruno Anglès, Tuan Ngo Dac, Floric Tavares Ribeiro
PP. 981-1024
On the slope conjecture of Barja and Stoppino for fibred surfaces
Xin Lu, Kang Zuo
PP. 1025-1064
Poincaré inequalities for the maximal function
Olli Saari
PP. 1065-1083
Del Pezzo elliptic varieties of degree d ≤ 4
Antonio Laface, Andrea L. Tironi, Luca Ugaglia
PP. 1085-1110
Residue-type indices and holomorphic foliations
Arturo Fernandez-Pérez, Rogério Mol
PP. 1111-1134
$L^p$ Hardy inequality on $C^{1,\gamma}$ domains
Pier Domenico Lamberti, Yehuda Pinchover
PP. 1135-1159
A sufficient condition for the continuity of solutions to a logarithmic diffusion equation
Naian Liao
PP. 1161-1184
A geometric second-order-rectifiable stratification for closed subsets of Euclidean space
Ulrich Menne, Mario Santilli
PP. 1185-1198
On the Picard numbers of abelian varieties
Klaus Hulek, Roberto Laface
PP. 1199-1224

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