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Vol. XX, issue 1 (2020)

Mappings of smallest mean distortion and free-Lagrangians
Tadeusz Iwaniec, Jani Onninen
PP. 1-106
A boxing Inequality for the fractional perimeter
Augusto C. Ponce, Daniel Spector
PP. 107-141
Crystalline evolutions with rapidly oscillating forcing terms
Andrea Braides, Annalisa Malusa, Matteo Novaga
PP. 143-175
Iterated convolutions and endless Riemann surfaces
Shingo Kamimoto, David Sauzin
PP. 177-215
Segre's regularity bound for fat point schemes
Uwe Nagel, Bill Trok
PP. 217-237
Horosphere topology
Filippo Bracci, Hervé Gaussier
PP. 239-289
Spatial concavity of solutions to parabolic systems
Kazuhiro Ishige, Kazushige Nakagawa, Paolo Salani
PP. 291-313
Closed warped G_2-structures evolving under the Laplacian flow
Anna Fino, Alberto Raffero
PP. 315-348
Maximal rank divisors on M_g,n
İrfan Kadiköylü
PP. 349-371
Structure of locally conformally symplectic Lie algebras and solvmanifolds
Daniele Angella, Giovanni Bazzoni, Maurizio Parton
PP. 373-411
Errata corrige. Elliptic and parabolic problems for a class of operators with discontinuous coefficients
Giorgio Metafune, Motohiro Sobajima, Chiara Spina
PP. 413-414

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