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Vol. XX, issue 2 (2020)

Sparse bounds for maximally truncated oscillatory singular integrals
Ben Krause, Michael T. Lacey
PP. 415-435
Free boundary minimal surfaces: a nonlocal approach
Francesca Da Lio, Alessandro Pigati
PP. 437-489
Optimal estimates for the triple junction function and other surprising aspects of the area functional
Riccardo Scala
PP. 491-564
The P'-operator, the Q'-curvature, and the CR tractor calculus
Jeffrey S. Case, A. Rod Gover
PP. 565-618
Co-axial monodromy
Alexandre Eremenko
PP. 619-634
On the images of the Galois representations attached to generic automorphic representations of GSp(4)
Luis Dieulefait, Adrián Zenteno
PP. 635-655
A scalar Calabi-type flow in Hermitian geometry: short-time existence and stability
Lucio Bedulli, Luigi Vezzoni
PP. 657-676
Reverse approximation of gradient flows as Minimizing Movements: a conjecture by De Giorgi
Florentine Fleissner, Giuseppe Savaré
PP. 677-720
Pointwise estimates of solutions to nonlinear equations for nonlocal operators
Alexander Grigor’yan, Igor Verbitsky
PP. 721-750
An infinite-dimensional version of the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem on the Hilbert cube
Alberto Boscaggin, Alessandro Fonda, Maurizio Garrione
PP. 751-770
On transitive contact and CR algebras
Stefano Marini, Costantino Medori, Mauro Nacinovich, Andrea Spiro
PP. 771-795
Blow-up analysis for nodal radial solutions in Moser-Trudinger critical equations in R^2
Massimo Grossi, Daisuke Naimen
PP. 797-825
Distortion in Cremona groups
Serge Cantat, Yves De Cornulier
PP. 827-858

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