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Vol. XX, issue 4 (2020)

A Markov theorem for generalized plat decomposition
Alessia Cattabriga, Bostjan Gabrovšek
PP. 1273-1294
Trudinger-Moser inequalities on a closed Riemannian surface with the action of a finite isometric group
Yu Fang, Yunyan Yang
PP. 1295-1324
Volume rigidity at ideal points of the character variety of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Stefano Francaviglia, Alessio Savini
PP. 1325-1344
The equivariant Euler characteristic of $\mathcal{A}3[2]$
Jonas Bergström, Olof Bergvall
PP. 1345-1357
The invariant measure and the flow associated to the $\Phi^4_3$-quantum field model
Sergio Albeverio, Seiichiro Kusuoka
PP. 1359-1427
Weak solutions to mean curvature flow respecting obstacles
Melanie Rupflin, Oliver C. Schnürer
PP. 1429-1467
Instanton bundles on the flag variety F(0,1,2)
Francesco Malaspina, Simone Marchesi, Juan Francisco Pons-Llopis
PP. 1469-1505
The smooth Riemannian extension problem
Stefano Pigola, Giona Veronelli
PP. 1507-1551
Shi-type estimates of the Ricci flow based on Ricci curvature
Chih-Wei Chen
PP. 1553-1580
Boundary regularity for Monge-Ampère equations with unbounded right hand side
Ovidiu Savin, Qian Zhang
PP. 1581-1619
Extremal conformal structures on projective surfaces
Thomas Mettler
PP. 1621-1663
Defect of compactness for Sobolev spaces on manifolds with bounded geometry
Leszek Skrzypczak, Cyril Tintarev
PP. 1665-1695

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