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1) Criterions of the L^2 boundedness and sharp endpoint estimates for singular integral operators on product spaces of homogeneous type
Yongsheng Han, Light">Ji Li, Chin-Cheng Lin
2) Infinitely many sign-changing and semi-nodal solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger system
ZhiLight">Jie Chen, Chang-Shou Lin, Wenming Zou
3) A classification theorem for hypersurfaces of Minkowski space
Light">Jintang Li
4) Regularity estimates for a class of degenerate elliptic equations
Qiaozhen Song, Ying Lu, Light">Jianzhong Shen, Lihe Wang
5) Solutions for Toda systems on Riemann surfaces
Light">Jiayu Li, Yuxiang Li
6) Quaternionic maps and minimal surfaces
Light">Jingyi Chen, Light">Jiayu Li
7) Duality of multiparameter Hardy spaces Hp on spaces of homogeneous type
Yongsheng Han, Light">Ji Li and Guozhen Lu