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1) Boundary concentrations on segments for the Lin-Ni-Takagi problem
WeiWei Ao, Hardy Chan, Juncheng Wei
2) On a singular perturbed problem in an annulus
Sanjiban Santra, Juncheng Wei
3) Least energy nodal solution of a singular perturbed problem with jumping nonlinearity
Edward N. Dancer, Sanjiban Santra, Juncheng Wei
4) Locating the boundary peaks of least-energy solutions to a singularly perturbed Dirichlet problem
Teresa D'Aprile, Juncheng Wei
5) Sharp estimates for bubbling solutions of a fourth order mean field equation
Chang-Shou Lin, Juncheng Wei
6) On a stronger Lazer-McKenna conjecture for Ambrosetti-Prodi type problems
Juncheng Wei, Shusen Yan