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1) A special point problem of André-Pink-Zannier in the universal family of abelian varieties
ZiYang Gao
2) N-Laplacian problems with critical Trudinger-Moser nonlinearities
Yang Yang, Kanishka Perera
3) Existence of minimizers for the Reifenberg Plateau problem
Yangqin Fang
4) The Geometry of Grassmannian manifolds and Bernstein type theorems for higher codimension
Jürgen Jost, Yuanlong L. Xin and Ling Yang
5) Dominated chain recurrent class with singularities
Christian Bonatti, Shaobo Gan, Dawei Yang
6) Homological finiteness of abelian covers
Alexander I. Suciu, Yaping Yang, Gufang Zhao
7) Well-posedness and global existence for the Novikov equation
Xinglong Wu, ZhaoYang Yin
8) Minimal surfaces in pseudohermitian geometry
Jih-Hsin Cheng, Jenn-Fang Hwang, Andrea Malchiodi, Paul Yang
9) Isoperimetric inequalities & volume comparison theorems on CR manifolds
Sagun Chanillo, Paul C. Yang